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If you are being sued for child support, or attempting to initiate a child support action on behalf of your child, it can be a difficult and confusing process. Making sure your child is adequately taken care is your top priority and you may need an attorney to guide you through the process. I am a Columbia family law attorney who can provide experienced legal representation in all child support matters.

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How Is Child Support Determined?

The amount of child support that you may be seeking, or ordered to pay in your divorce, is governed by statute and is based upon the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. When making decisions related to child support, the Court will take into account the gross income of each parent as well as other child-related expenses such as health insurance and daycare. Each party will be required to submit a Financial Declaration and proof of income and the Court will calculate the amount of support to be paid using the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Child support can be paid directly to the custodial parent or through the Clerk of Court’s office with a 5% administrative fee added to each payment.

If a child support order is already established, either party may petition the Court for a modification of the amount based upon a substantial change in circumstance such as a reduction in income or loss of employment.

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Whatever your needs are with respect to child support, I can provide you with valuable advice and aggressive legal representation to help you meet your objectives and to ensure that the amount of support that is paid is appropriate for your circumstances. Call me, a qualified Columbia child support attorney, today for a case evaluation.

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